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NaughtyAmericaVR – My Daughter’s Hot Friend VR – Karter Foxx (Oculus)

NaughtyAmericaVR – My Daughter’s Hot Friend VR – Karter Foxx (Oculus)

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Release Date: September 21st, 2016
Cast: Karter Foxx

Karter Foxx is trying on some clothes and needs someone’s opinion. She would usually ask your daughter for advice but since she’s no where to be found Karter decides to ask you for a hand. As it turns out, Karter has always had a thing for you and you wouldn’t mind fucking your daughter’s hot friend.

Summary of Scene:
Then scene opens with your daughter’s friend Karter Foxx (big natural tits, brunette) asking your opinion on her outfit as she changes in front of you. Once she notices your hard-on, she confesses to always having a crush on you. Now you’re lying on the bed and she kisses you, gives you a handjob, and blows you. Then after giving you a good view of her ass, she offers to try on another outfit for you. Again she changes in front of you, into a bra & panties this time. After kissing you some more, she rides you cowgirl & reverse cowgirl, then decides it’s time for another wardrobe change. She puts on some sexy lingerie, and you fuck her doggy style, then missionary, until finally she jerks you off onto her face.

Length: 50 Min, 13 Sec
Resolution: 3400×1700
Bitrate: 30 Mb/s
Framerate: 60 FPS
File Size: 11.4 GB
Language: English